January 08, 2015


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December 31, 2014


Rather than raising a glass to you all, which I will do later, I thought I'd post a photo of something I am looking forward to. Longing for, in fact. A beautiful white peony, enjoyed in the warmth of early summer. I really need to sit out in the garden!
There wasn't enough sitting in the garden in 2014. Not enough warm and sunny days in our windy corner, with it's cooling sea frets. Watching the Yorkshire stages of the Tour de France was wonderful, but also awful! Awful to see how much heat and sunshine we were missing, whilst the rest of the U.K. was bathed in the golden glow of summer.
It's felt like a very grey year altogether. Politically somewhat black, to be honest. It has depressed me so much to see the suffering this government has caused so many people. A good, caring and civilised society should care for those least able to care for themselves. The disabled and those at the bottom of the pile.
I could go on. At length.


I don't make New Year's resolutions. Why set yourself up for disappointment?! If I want to change something or do things differently, I do so, regardless of the date. Better to have intentions that you can fulfill, without guilt and self denigration.
I intend to keep hugging the sideburned cuckoo as long as I am permitted to do so!
Here he is with one of his Christmas presents. Not a flash iPhone, but a cheap flip top phone. Bought, not because we are mean parents, but that is much more useable for him. Oliver doesn't have the manual dexterity to text. The fine motor skills required are beyond him, and he ends up with a tremor if he tries. He only phones us, when he is out with his support worker. An iPhone would only be used in the same way as his iPad Air (his birthday present!).
He was well pleased, so that's good.
You will note that he is wearing a scarf that I was given by the mother-in-law. What's mine is his, apparently.


I shall knit. Hopefully more than I have managed lately!
One reason for my knitting slowing down has been this jumper.
There's another star stripe and a sleeve been knitted since this was taken. The big needles (7.00mm) really make my hands and wrists hurt. Seems that knitting with smaller needles and finer yarns is the only way for me. It's a version of the famous The Killing jumper, for my niece. I hope she likes it, when I eventually finish it.
I knit a bit, then have to take a few days for my hands to recover. In the meantime I knit other things. I'm not going to list them all, but shall show a couple. Yesterday I knitted myself a fingerless mitt and shall finish it's partner later today.
It's a free pattern. Winning Waves Mitts. I'd use 4.00mm needles, unless you have very big hands or knit very tightly. Smaller if you have smaller hands. Nice easy pattern. I'm afraid that it's impossible to catch the true colour of this yarn in the current poor light. It's a beautiful, intense, blue leaning red. Cerise. The yarn is Posh Yarn Betsy D.K., in the colour on that yarn page. It's part of my winnings from the Posh Yarn Strictly Come dancing draw. I drew the winners. Fourteen people in my group didn't! I have skeins of yarn and, mostly, Posh Yarn vouchers. A very good way to start the New Year as far as I'm concerned!
I have another single fingerless mitt that is waiting for it's partner.
I'm half way through number two. To my shame, these are a very, very late birthday present for a dear friend.
What I'm itching to do first is wind another of my Posh Yarn skeins, a heavy laceweight Shetland yarn, to knit a Flukra Shawl. I need a new, nice, wooly shawl.

So, I wish everyone the very, very best for 2015. Here's hoping for a much better year!

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December 23, 2014


The eve of the eve and I've managed to wrap all the presents, the fridge is very full (amazing how much room a turkey takes up!) and we could feed a small army. That's it. No more shopping for ages and ages.
I read a lot about how much people hate it all. My view is that you take from it what you want. We like the mid winter feast. It's a real treat, something special. We like choosing things to give to those we care about and love. We give the enforced, extended, family gatherings a miss! Why? Well, if they can't be bothered with us the rest of the year, why put on a pretence of "family" for one day. So it's the three of us, doing our own thing and being happy.

I hope you have the Christmas/Midwinter festival that you want.

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