December 19, 2014


Time flies. Life happens.
So, a very quick skim over the year.
First I'll show some of my knitting highlights! I've knitted a few other things, but really haven't knitted as much as I'd like. Mainly due to wrist pain, then the long summer holidays, when my time is not my own. One thing that people don't often realise is, unlike children without a disability, those with disabilities don't become physically independent as they get older. They still need help with all those things most people take for granted. I don't, ever, resent Oliver. Not for a nano second. I do surprise myself by how tired I feel by the end of the holidays.
Back to the knitting!
These are my favourite project of 2014. They are the Provence Mitts, designed by the very clever Tori Seierstad. I loved knitting them and really love that my friend Tracey, who I made them for, loves them too! A whole lot of love going on there.
I also made her a Betty Mouat Cowl, designed by the very talented Kate Davies.
These River Rapids Socks were a birthday gift for my friend Kay.
These fun socks were for my niece. The yarn provides all the fun. It's Zauberball.
Other than knitting I've been doing quite a bit of hand stitching, having been pointed in the direction of Alabama Chanin by the arch enabler, Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting. I've made a few simple t-shirts in cheap cotton, a couple of bibs and am working on the beaded cuffs of a simple black top. I used a favourite top as the pattern. Very soothing and satisfying to do. Maybe I'll get the beading finished for Christmas!


In other news: Oliver is fifteen now. Taller and bigger than Allan, built like a prop forward and still growing! Here he is at his birthday meal out.
And here he is, slobbing, in his new electric wheelchair. The wheelchair O.T. would have words with him about his posture! You will notice his sideburns, of which he is very proud!
The chair was provided by the N.H.S. It is wonderful, with raise, lower and tilt options, is very manoeuvrable and is generally fab. We heard that wheelchair services had started prescribing them for adults. So we asked, a lot, if Oliver could have one. After an assessment they decided he could. he is very pleased with it and it has increased his independence considerably.

So, yes. Time flies by. Almost Christmas, so the next post will be this year's tree.

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January 12, 2014


I am starting the year by casting on lots of new projects. Because I can!
Just two of them on show today. First off is a lovely mitten from Riihivilla.
Back of the hand.
The palm, with thumb gusset stitches held on a ribbon.
I am enjoying knitting these so much. The yarn, spun from Finnsheep, is truly wonderful. It is rustic, in that it isn't over processed and has a lovely bouncy handle. It is very soft with a bit of lanolin left in. A joy to knit. Leena's naturally dyed colours are beautiful too.
I'm knitting the mittens on larger needles than suggested, as I'd read that people found it quite a narrow fit. I can get it on, but it's still a bit snug on my huge hands! Wearable, but not ideal. Mittens need a bit of air room around your fingers, I think. Rather than rip out what I've already knitted, I'm giving these to a friend who I know will love and appreciate the beauty of the yarn and colours. At least I know that to make these mittens fir a women's medium size hand, I need to use 3.5mm needles. I have another kit earmarked for a gift for another friend. I shall then make some for me, on even bigger needles!

Project number two is a pair of happy socks. Slightly insane happy socks!
The yarn, Regia's Flourmania, is really that bright, neon, high viz colour! Especially at dusk. I hope they give a happy lift to the intended recipient.
The other things I've started, a shawl and a pair of fingerless mitts requested by Oliver, I'll talk about next time.
I'm hoping that having lots of different projects on the go will help me get back into the knitting habit. I feel so much better when I make time to knit more. It's a way to take your mind off worries, without just vegging. I've started spinning again, although I've had a break over Christmas. More on that to come too.

I'm hoping to blog more too. To talk about why I haven't been blogging. Some of it has been down to a general feeling of malaise brought on by our current government's election. So depressing, especially that a lot of my fears have come true. And worse!

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December 31, 2013


Wishing everyone all the best for 2014. I'm hoping it will be a better year than 2013 turned out to be. Better on all levels, including feeding my blog!
So, here's to new beginnings
and also to the continuation of all that is good in life.

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