April 22, 2005
More interviews,yarn and knitting.

Heather answered her questions - what an interesting woman.I love what she wrote about her love of knitting,and couldn't agree more.
Carolyn's questions at the end of this post.


Here's the Blue Faced Leicester,plied.
Some spinner's are very negative about barber pole effect yarn,an inevitable consequence of making a two ply yarn from painted roving.I like it ! It has a nice heathered effect when knitted and some visual colour blending happens.It can completely change the colour effect,ending up looking very different from the original fibre.You can keep the colours distinct by doing the Navajo 3 ply [give the video time to load !].I find that easy to do - it's just a matter of practice.I haven't done it here,and won't with the other Fleece Artist rovings I have,simply because I only have 50 gms of each.I want to make a usable project's worth of yarn.I have too many interesting sample hanks in my handspun stash already ! Anyway,I'm happy with this very soft,bouncy yarn.It will make a great neck scarf.A gift for a friend.
Some merino that was on the bobbin.Laceweight and nice and soft.I have a load of this top from Treetop Color Harmonies,when they used to dye merino tops,many,many moons ago.They specialize in beautiful hand-painted silk tops now.I bought quite a lot [cough] of their merino tops when they anounced they were stopping that line.I didn't know that having a chick would stop me spinning for over five years !
Well there you go ! I just wrote that and now see that they're dying merino tops again !
Shows how long I've been out of the loop.
I also found a fantastic spinner's resource list.
Notice,also,my copy of The Yarn Harlot's fab book[I got mine from Amazon U.K.].It's a lovely little book to dip into when you need a pick me up.
The Other book is by Linda Ligon,founder of Interweave Press.A woman who I very much admire,and whose writing I enjoy.
A new sock and another book.The sock has fab glitter bits running through the yarn - don't ask me about it.Opal decided not to run with this one,so it's not available anywhere.
The book is a self-published sock technique book.Doesn't look much until you start to read it.Very interesting,well thought out techniques.I shall be expanding my repertoire.This isn't a cheap book.You have to be a keen and adventurous sock knitter to really appreciate it.I bought it on Lisa's recommendation.I'm pleased that I did.Just disregard some of the twee drawings - what's with the flamingoes ?
This is the fluff I've just spun up.
Fleece Artist's Massam roving.It's a lustre longwool,similar to Teeswater and Wensleydale,but I can't find a link for you.I'm presuming the breed is named after the Wensleydale town of Masham.More about that yarn in the next post.


Questions for Carolyn :

1.Are there threads between all your passions,and where does knitting rank ?
2.What's your relationship with your stash ? Mutual respect,or does it taunt and torment you ?
3.How has blogging enhanced your life ? Has it drawn you into a greater fibre community ? I'm thinking about you learning to spin.
4.Do you have a masterplan,or do you let life take you on a journey ?
5.How long have you been knitting ? Is this the best time in your knitting life ?

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April 18, 2005
Questions for Heather.

Here are Heather's questions.
Don't forget to answer on your blog,with the following explanation :

Rules :
1. Leave a comment saying "Interview Me". I will list your questions on THIS blog.

2. You will give answers on YOUR blog.

3. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.

4. You should ask 5 questions.

Here goes :

1. I like this one,so it stays ! : How did you meet your Alan ? Spill !

2.How do knitting and blogging enhance your very busy life [ and how do you fit it all in ? ] ?

3.Are you keen for your girls to want to knit ? Are you teaching them ?

4.Any knitting ambitions,of any sort ? Techniques,workshops,retreats [if only !]?

5.What is your relationship with your stash ? Does it torment you or comfort you ?

Bonus question : When will I see you again ? [That song's going to drive you all crazy now !]


I finished my lovely soft scarf.
Misty Garden from Scarf Style.
Beautiful,yet simple to knit.


This is my current desktop wallpaper.
Created by Danielle [scroll down.Right gutter].She has a new handpainted yarn store.I'll show you what I bought when it arrives !

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