October 27, 2005


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October 26, 2005
Whoo Hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After our engineer did some fine tuning,the first fitting.
Tomorrow it's supposed to stop raining. First road [pavement/sidewalk] trials are scheduled.

On monday we had another delivery. The stair lift. Fab ! Just in time as Allan's back ''went'' yesterday.

We are so very grateful. Words cannot express how we feel.
Thank you.

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October 23, 2005
Just to keep you going.

We're all better. The house is drying out. Could have been a lot worse [Eh Mary?]
The big news is that the chick has lost his first baby tooth ! Literally his very first tooth. He was very brave and sensible about it. We,for some reason,were startled when he announced that his tooth was wobbly on friday morning. His classmates have been losing teeth. We knew to expect it,yet it threw us completely. Too soon to be growing up ! We're pathetic really. Anyway,his money box is 1 heavier. A big deal as his weekly pocket money is 50p. He's saving it for something. Not sure what.


I've just uploaded a load of pics,which I'm about to edit,so a proper entry is imminent. It'll include knitting,gifts from my Better Pal and news about equipment and fundraising [I shall answer your question Marie-france.]. Tomorrow maybe,if I get a minute. Half term holiday,you know !

I'll give you one,not entirely colour accurate,picture. My camera has trouble with this drenched,saturated shade of purple,apparently. This yarn,a kid mohair/merino laceweight from Touch Yarns,is incredibly soft. It was a wonderful surprise gift from a dear friend,from Ally Pally. So much appreciated. Now come and visit will you !
Here's a close-up. I shall make a little lace neck scarf,a staple of my cold weather wardrobe,and think of you when I wear it.Thank you S.,so very much.


This is Theresa's fault ! :

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

The character description? No comment !

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