April 27, 2007

for Shaun the Sheep to be shown on American t.v. This series of short cartoons would greatly benefit all knitters and dyers. Particularly Wendy !
I'm not going to leave this up for ages as I suspect it may effect my bandwidth ! I need someone computer savy to say if it would or not...

Anyway, this appeals to the artist in me. I particularly like the ewe with the curlers in her top knot !

{I've removed the film to save my bandwidth ! Here's the Shaun the Sheep website.]

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April 24, 2007

I really need to find some energy somewhere, just to catch up with cleaning, tidying, knitting and blogging. Dare I hope for some spinning too ? I really miss it. Maybe if I open the door into the garden, park myself in the spring scented breeze, sneeze a bit as the air is thick with tree pollen, and lose myself in the hypnotic rythmn of the treadle and the focus on the fibre and thread.
I might get distracted by the fact that it's been a year since I did any real work in the garden, it's a mess and my knees aren't up to it. I may have to give in and pay someone to weed and prune.
I feel so tired, all the time, that I feel wretched. Would I be too much of a pathetic hypochondriac if I self diagnosed post viral fatigue ? Maybe stress factors into it ? After all, I continue my carreer as an insomniac !
Anyway, the last time I managed a good block of wheel time I spun up some of Liz's fabulous Romney wool/mohair blend. I love spinning this, long draw, just pulling against the not too strong draw of the wheel to even out bumps, them swooping a good arm's length of yarn onto the bobbin. Straight from the bag. No pre-drafting. I consciously aimed for aran weight. A long way from my lace-weight comfort zone.
I love the yarn. Not merino soft, but comfortable for me. Extremely warm, the knitted fabric soon gains a lovely mohair halo as the yarn is handled.
I sent a hank to my Spin to Knit swap pal Rachel. She knitted some fab mitts shown here.
I decided to knit myself a pair of Fetching mitts. These will be fabulously warm next winter.
I decided to tidy up the less than perfect looking cuff with some i-cord.
The edge looks so much neater now.
The reamaining ball of yarn will, at his request, be mittens for Oliver, for next winter. I might manage that !
I spun this yarn and knitted these mitts as part of Margene's fabulous Twisted Knitters spin and knit along. There was some really beautiful work produced, and I really enjoyed participating, if only in a small way.
I'm satisying my current urge to spin with some gorgeous angora/silk/merino blend from The Woolen Rabbit, that I bought last year. I've just bought a few ounces more ! It's a joy to spin. Again no pre-drafting. I'm just enjoying the meditative process right now, whilst challenging myself to spindle spin enough to make a nice lace scarf. Eventually.


Been too tired to do more than sit next to knitting bag, thinking about how I want to knit more ! Don't worry about Folly. She has not been cast aside. It has just felt easier to pick up a sock to knit on.
I've also ripped an almost completed pair of socks, but need a bit more energy to tell you why ! That, and protect myself from the howls of outrage when I say how much I dislike a very popular sock pattern. :0)
How boring it would be if we all liked the same stuff.

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