July 28, 2007

The last couple of weeks of term saw Oliver getting progressively more tired, and more and more wound like a tight spring. This first week of summer holidays has seen him start to uncoil. To relax. To become more himself. I'm also wondering if I'll physically survive another five weeks ! Seriously. My hands are screaming and I've done something to my left hip.
I do worry that he'll get terribly bored. We've enjoyed a flying visit by a college friend of mine [who I miss terribly], her husband and youngest daughter. That broke up the monotony of long days of just mama, not least because Allan took a day off so we could go out and get some fresh air and scenic views on the North Yorkshire Moors. It was fun.
I'm no longer able to get on the floor [easily get up off it, to be more accurate !] like Allan can, or keep up with the Hippo [power chair], even at the slowest speed. Despite my best efforts, Oliver waits for Allan to come home, in order to have some fun. I'm guessing there may be an element of ''it's a boy thing'' to this.


Backtracking somewhat, I did start a new project whilst on holiday [ha,ha] in the Lakes. I also went to Woolfest, but that's for next time. Don't want to overload you. :0)
No. I haven't deserted Folly. I haven't the brain power available to work out my bust 'dart' short rows.
So, ...
Round and round, about 70% plain knit rows, the colour changes add the visual excitement. A nice, relaxing project. I'm knitting the back in the round, the steek will be the side seams. I didn't want to knit my much, much larger size in the round as the difference in colour repeat length between the body and the sleeve would be too great. This makes sense, at least to me. Really !
I like the muted colours and the long colour runs. I'm going to add a hem after I've steeked and seamed. The first picture is without flash under a full spectrum light, the second with flash.
Doesn't the flash even out the stitches ?! I'm not worried about the uneven stitches as the yarn is full of spinning oils,which makes the yarn seem harsh and stringy. I know that once washed the yarn will soften and bloom. It's already starting to bloom as I knit it. I do like this yarn. It's good, honest wool. I even like the, very small, bits of debri in the yarn. A sign, like the warm scent of lanolin, that it hasn't been over processed.
I bought my yarn, in colour EF here [click]. I don't speak German but can work out that Uta, who emails in fluent English, is on holiday until early August, and how to pay with paypal ! The site has a standard shipping charge, so you get a request for the rest. In my case an extra £7.00 for signed for, trackable, insured delivery. Very quick and uber efficient. Jolly good !


I will attempt to catch up. Really I will. With emails as well. I have some thank you notes to write for recent, much appreciated, donations to Oliver's fund. We're currently saving up for a new manual wheelchair. That's a tale for next time.

Knit some stitches for me this weekend.

p.s. I wanted to thank everyone for their lovely comments and emails regarding our 25th wedding anniversary.

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