October 24, 2010

So many reasons for my current malais. The Tories getting into power has unsettled me greatly. I already see the slow and steady fracturing of society. The "I'm alright Jack and don't care about anyone else" attitude that was the theme of Thatcher's Britain is rearing it's ugly head. The Tories are, I believe, purposely engendering fear in people in order to decimate the welfare system. Inflicting real hardship on the weakest in society for the sake of dogma.
If the National Deficit was their true concern they would, surely, pressure Vodaphone to pay the £6 billion of taxes they are evading ? There is a petition to sign here.
I've also had a cold that has dragged on for almost a month. As soon as my cough has finally gone I appear to be coming down with the cold Oliver brought home for the half term holidays.
There have been other hassles and annoyances, as ever! Basically I'm in a real grump! My poor friends suffer because when I'm feeling down and generally disombobulated I tend to retreat into myself. E-mails from me dry up. Sorry.
So. I've been knitting. A bit. I'm trying to improve my mood. I shall wait until I'm feeling happier before i blog - no point dragging everyone else down with me ! In the meantime here's a song praising the wonderful BBC, another good thing the Tories would like to dismantle.

Posted by emma at 01:05 AM