January 19, 2011

It's been a bit of a pathetic start to the year really. Allan and I are both only just starting to feel better after our Christmas flu.
Anyway, it's my birthday today, the nineteenth. Fifty-one. That's just plain wrong ! I'm a great believer in celebrating birthdays, even when the number starts to get a bit high ! I've been instructed to wait until he is home from school to open my presents by Oliver. I shall do as I'm told !

In the meantime, before I was struck down by the lurgy, a symptom of which was the shocking lack of desire to knit, I managed to knit some presents. I did a three way Christmas swap with a couple of on-line knitter friends. They each got a pair of Sue's Reading Mitts, with a matching rose brooch. The top pair in Blackcurrant Plum Desire from Skein Queen.
The second pair are knitted in Ruby Redfort Super Plump Exquisite, a gorgeous new yarn from Skein Queen.
I also knitted a hat for a male friend, who loves knitted hats. It's a simple mistake rib pattern, made with two strands of Twiley's Freedom Spirit held together.
Now that I've stopped coughing all the time I've picked my knitting up again. I'm finishing another Christmas present, which I'll show when it's done. I had planned a few more presents, but just didn't manage it. Next year ! Right now I really want to cast on something luscious and mood lifting for myself ! Because I'm worth it !

Posted by emma at 12:13 AM