April 11, 2011

How time flies when you're having a miserable winter ! Still, moving on...
Everything is budding and burgeoning. It was incredibly warm yesterday. I had to wear a sunhat at 5.00 p.m. Lovely. Of course, temps are due to drop again as the week goes on.

Anyway, time to catch up on the small amount of knitting I've been doing.
A hat for my friend Tracey. Buttonette by WoollyWormhead, knitted in Plump Exquisite from Skein Queen. The fabulous button comes from Tree Gems, and really makes the hat special. I think it looks fabulous on her.
For Norma, here's a photo of our Cherry Blossom. I'm hoping we get a good crop. This year I am taking measures to keep the Blackbirds from eating our fruit !
I made some mitts for a swap with a friend. These are Fruit Lattice Fingerless Gloves. A nice enough pattern. I put in a shaort row at the top of the back of the hand, to compensate for the lower row gauge compared to stocking stitch. It's a nice pattern for mixing up variegated yarns as well, although I like the effect in this semi-solid. It's Skein Queen's Desire in Blueberry.
More spring flowers for you !
These next mitts were made for another friend. They're the short, fingerless version of Sivia Harding's Fluency gloves. Again, knitted in Skein Queen's Desire in Blue Damson. Hard to capture the true beauty of the colours of the yarn, and how well the beads go. A fun bit of beading too. As with all ribbed designs, these look better worn.

I forgot to put a photo up of some other mitts I made ! Whilst stirring a deep, dark corner of the stash, I came upon two balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I really can't remember what I bouight them for, but, put together, they were just enough for some short, pretty Susie's Reading Mitts.
That's about it really. It really has been a hard winter for me, for lots of reasons. But there's no point dwelling on it. Time to turn my face to the sun.

P.S. Do you prefer the bigger photos. Or the previous, smaller, size ?

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